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Membership and Services (UK)

Essential membership is £40/$49 per year which includes the CMS360 Planning Guide and Workbook, access to the CMS360 Facebook Group and Premium Content.

Our business programs include the CMS360 Business Management System, CMS100 Change Management System and CMS1 Leadership and Mindset System. These are annual programs with monthly or annual payment options and include digital materials, monthly coaching and support.
Essential Membership-
£40/$49 annually-
CMS360 Planning Guide
CMS360 Workbook
Facebook Group
Business Management360 Review and Planning System
£180/$229 monthlyOr £1450/$1795 Paid Annually
CMS360 Business Management System
Guide Notes, Illustrations and Videos
Monthly Group Coaching
Premium Content
OtherLeadership and Change Programs
£/$Individually Priced Plans
CMS1 Leadership System
CMS100 Scale-up System
60-Minute Strategy Session $300
6-Months Group Mastermind Program $5,000
6-Months 1:1 Coaching Program $25,000
1-Year Coaching Program $100,000+

Additional complementary products: To complement our productivity and informational products, we offer our members a small selection of highly recommended business solutions some of which are provided and serviced by third parties. These include: 1. Access to selected funding clubs primarily in the UK and US. 2. Autotask™ File Sync and Share secure file sharing solutions. 3. Engagement Multiplier HR tools. 4. Specialist online training including a comprehensive social media and email marketing course, and our in-house developed courses. 5. Business analysis tools and solutions. 6. Other professional business solutions not commonly known and procured as a result of needs analysis from our community. Please get in touch for further information on these solutions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All digital products from Creative Media Systems come with an unconditional 7 day money back guarantee. We only ask that you provide feedback on your experience and recommendations for improvement. Workshops are guaranteed to cover the pre-agreed agenda although the benefits of the workshops are largely dependent on your circumstances. Should you be dissatisfied after the 7 day grace period, we will do everything to resolve your concerns. In all cases we want you to be completely satisfied with your investment and to provide us with positive ratings.