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Welcome to the Creative Media Systems CMS/360, CMS/1 and CMS/100 forums. These have been set up to provide members a place to find materials relevant to the various programmes and be able to provide feedback and comments. These forums are moderated to ensure that information is kept structured and to a high quality.

At present we are focused on CMS/360 and as such the principal forums are:

Business Model – to discuss challenges and ideas in developing a defensible business model, value propositions, product vision/roadmap and pricing strategies.

Creative – to discuss everything related to developing quality business processes (sales, marketing, support, operations, services, product development, IT, people/hr management, accounting and finance), metrics and dashboard monitoring, and implementing a quality system and continuous improvement.

Media – to discuss practices that really work to drive your brand forward focused on inbound strategies, effective paid media strategies and your overall management of media whether it be social or traditional media.

Systems – to discuss challenges and solutions around business applications, all newer technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence, and topics related to establishing a scalable infrastructure that meets your digital needs.

People – to discuss aspects related to skills, organizational culture, performance and compensation.

Financials – to discuss best practices and challenges for aspects related to accounting, projections and finance.

Sustainability – to discuss issues and ideas related to keeping your business running including legal and compliance, environmental sustainability programmes, and continuity in relation to facilities, people and infrastructure.

AOB – for anything else in relation to developing a high quality organization including management practices, improvement ideas for CMS/360 and things not listed above.

I hope you enjoy being part of the community and forums. If there is anything I can help with directly please feel free to get in touch.

Best regards

Azfar Haider
Founder, Creative Media Systems
Nov 9, 2016
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