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Community and Management Tools for the Creative Industries

Providing tools, frameworks, forums, and recommendations to help organizations in the creative industries excel


Creative Media Systems helps creative firms drive towards operational excellence through tools, best practice frameworks and forums. We also profile best of breed solutions and best practices for change to assist you win in today's competitive environment.

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Join a community that is focused on operational leadership in the creative industries. The creative industries consist of 11 sectors (in the UK), being: Advertising, Architecture, Arts & Culture, Craft, Design, Fashion, Games, Music, Publishing, Tech, TV & Film. For the time being we are primarily focused on Tech, Design and Fashion although most of our offerings are universal.

Everyone needs help to commercialize and operationalize creative ideas. Our online discussion groups and digital programmes help you to establish better practices for review and planning, identify improvement opportunities, find solutions, and deploy them using best practice methods. We'll help you go from small ideas to big ones, or help re-focus an existing business.

To get going, join the Google+ Community, signup for the CMS/360 programme, and get support via our private members only forum.

360⁰ Review and Planning Tool

Our universally recommended monthly/quarterly review and planning process for businesses is called CMS/360. This provides you with the checklists, tools and guidance needed to manage operational review and planning based on 7 core themes including the 4 illustrated below, plus Financials, People and Sustainability.

To maximize your opportunities, it is recommend to do a 360⁰ review consistently across 21 areas. Using the CMS/360 process helps you with this and provides the forums to help you get the most benefit.

Strategy, Guidance and Insight

To drive your agenda forward, our programme called CMS/1 provides forums, premium content, references and connections to help you make decisions and accelerate your business. Our aim is to help you by fast tracking your research and understanding. As a starting point, for discussion on digital innovation, we’ve identified the six areas below which the community sees as being hot topics.

Incremental Improvement and Periodic Step-Change Methods

Digital solutions have become a necessary part of every business. However, often it’s difficult to know how to deploy them effectively. Business processes become complicated to understand, analyse and untangle, and even incremental change becomes challenging.

CMS/100 provides education and recommended tools to support manual and automated analysis for the ongoing design and streamlining of processes. Essential in order to launch and scale your business or improve processes across your value chain.

Periodically, it also becomes necessary for you to conduct a complete redesign of your entire digital business, a 'step-change'. CMS/100 provides methods and recommended tools to support this for end-to-end processes across your entire organisation.

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